You can begin the course any time and contact our team for further details. Each course runs over Zoom sessions where students will have weekly access to the live tutorials and unlimited access to our Learning Management System (LMS) with recorded videos and notes available online.

You can enroll in a course by registering your details in or by contacting our team.

  1. Contact Swaralaya Online and Request a Free Trial Session which is usually 20-30 minutes.
  2. Attend the session and decide whether you would like to continue or NOT
  3. If you would like to continue, discuss your preferred days and time for ongoing sessions every week (Dates and times available are subject to the availability of teachers)
  4. Swaralaya will send a Zoom link to access your classes every week.
  5. Click on the link for attending the sessions
  6. Swaralaya will monitor/provide assistance with all the sessions for any technical difficulties experienced by the teacher/student.
  • This is a virtual classroom, therefore, appropriate classroom behaviour is expected.
  • Students need to have access to a working smart device, (smart phone/tablets/laptop/desktop) with a good camera.
  • Headphone with a MIC will reduce the noice distractions and also found to be enhancing the live streaming. If two students attend the session together OR if parents are supporting a headphone/speaker splitter should be used.
  • Students are required to have one of the following ready when attending classes(discuss with your student support manager or your teacher).
  • Sruthi/Thamburu App: Eg iSruthi App
  • Sruthi in Youtube Eg:
  • Sruthi box ready with the required scale ON
  • Please ensure that there is good lighting in the room and on your face + body. Do not sit with a window at your back. Sit facing the window so that the light falls on you. Be mindful of your background. If you are sitting with your back to a window, you may be silhouetted by the light coming through. Your overhead light might also need to be adjusted for the best image quality.
  • Camera should cover face to knee -to see how you practice your ‘Thalam’
  • Sit on the mat/ floor with legs crossed
  • Students are required to be appropriately dressed.
  • Kids below 8 years old requires parental supervision.
  • Log into your class or meeting from a distraction-free, quiet environment. Turn your mobile in silent mode/TV off
  • Keep paper and a pen or pencil handy to take notes.
  • Close unneeded applications on your computer to optimise the video quality.
  • Use Verbal Communication Skills- Respond with verbal answers rather than gestures.
  • When communicating embrace the pause. Take a moment after the end of your comments and allow for teachers to engage before continuing on.
  • Please do not use profanity or inappropriate language. Please do not discuss/ask any personal information/intimate information in the classes.
  • Remember to sign out or “leave the meeting” when the session is finished.
  • Generally classes are scheduled the same day/time every week for easy management & consistency.
  • In exceptional circumstances (eg for shift workers like nurses), classes can be scheduled in different times based on teacher’s availability. Students will need to let Swaralaya know about the preferred date and time one week in advance to schedule the classes seamlessly.
  • Any changes in the class times should be requested directly to your Student Support Manager/Swaralaya Help Desk (Not directly to the teacher).
  • Any cancellations from the student should be requested at least 24 hours in advance except in case of any emergencies/unexpected technical issues.
  • When a session is cancelled, students can request for a rescheduled session within the same week and Team Swaralaya will make every effort to accomodate the request depending on the teacher’s availability.
  • Students are liable to pay the fee in situations where the student is unable to attend a scheduled weekly session without prior request/accomodate the rescheduled session in the same week.
  • In situations where the teacher/Team Swaralaya is cancelling a session, we will try to inform you 24 hours before the session (except in unexpected urgent situations such as medical reasons/technical issues).
  • Fee Schedule

            Beginner                   AUD 30 equivalent per month

            Intermediate             AUD 46 equivalent per month

            Advanced                 AUD 64 equivalent per month

  • Students are required to pay the monthly fee by 5th of every month to Swaralaya via online payment/PayPal/Direct Bank Transfer.
  • Discuss with team Swaralaya regarding your payment options.

Students will be able to access relevant notes on the music lessons online. Each student will be provided with a username and a password. The  steps to access the Student learning Management Portal.

Click here to download the Student Handbook

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