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Bharathanatyam is a form of South Indian Classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu. It is one of eight widely accepted Indian Classical dance forms and is one of the oldest traditional dance form in India. 

Swaralaya is proudly presenting our Online Bharathanatyam classes which are currently managed by qualified teachers from very reputable Institutions in India. Our teachers ensure that the classes are taken in simple language which the students in any age group can easily understand and follow.

Swaralaya is committed to provide affordable Bharathanatyam lessons for anyone who is passionate in learning this dance form from anywhere in the world at their convenient time.

Class Specifications

Mode of Delivery- Online (Zoom)

Number of students per session- One

Duration of the session- one hour per week

Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam

  • Thattadavu

  • Nattadavu

  • Other Adavukal – Kuttadavu, Meyyaduvu, Kathiadavu, Veeshadavu etc

  • Mudhra -Asamuktha hasthangal,samuktha hasthangal,Desavathara hasthangal,Deva hasthangal,Bendhu hasthangal

  • Exercises


  • Alarippu

  • Kautham

  • Swarakorvi

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